The most challenging build of all: a complete website move

Happy panic time!

I am currently moving all my posts, photos, and videos over from Facebook (with the help of my dear friends: caffeine and aspirin).  Everything should be in place Real Soon Now (but then, it should have been in place yesterday), so please check back in a bit.

Currently building…


Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Base house: “Pariah’s Pinnacle”

OMGWTH this time: Constructing an entire holiday village from scratch in a vast, empty Orcish hall.  The completed build will have nine model homes, each styled on one of Tamriel’s nine races (Imperials don’t count, because they’re just snooty Bretons).  There will also be a central feasting square, and reindeer parking by the cliffside.

STATUS: 90% complete.


Mad as a sack of clams.

Healthbar nearly full

A proper bio will migrate here from Facebook, once I’m done transferring everything else.  The builds take priority!


Xbox Live gamertag: Grub Street Gal

Other forms of communication coming soon, once I chase down the links.  Again, gotta get those build photos posted first… that’s why you’re here, after all!